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TUESDAY JULY 15th 2008 @ 7.30 PM

1) Roll Call

2) Apologies

3) Minutes of previous AGM

4) Matters Arising

5) Reports :
a) Chairman
b) Treasurer
c) Secretary

6) Election of Officers
a) Patron
b) President
c) Vice Presidents
d) Life Members
e) Chairman
f) Vice Chairman
g) Treasurer
h) Fixture and Referees Appointments Secretary
i) General Secretary
j) Registration Secretary
k) Representatives on the CWFA

7) Officer’s Expenses

8) Application for Membership

9) To consider the following Notices of Motion:

a) Rule 4 Affiliation
Amend a) to read:
‘The affiliation fee for membership of the League shall be £10 per club and £40 for clubs whose first team plays in another league’ Secretary

b) Rule 9 Postponements and Fixtures
Amend e) to read:
‘Clubs shall be allowed one postponement per team per season with all applications to be made in writing to the League Secretary at least fourteen days before the requested date. Any postponed reserve team fixture shall be postponed to a date when the first team also has a scheduled fixture’ Secretary

c) Reserves Cup
Amend 3 and 4 to read:
3) ‘In the event of there being only one group the top four teams on completion of all group games shall qualify for the semi-final stage. At that stage the top finishing club shall play the fourth placed club and the second placed club shall play the third placed club. The top placed club and the second placed club shall have home advantage for the semi finals.

4) The winners of the competition as well as the losing finalists shall be eligible to participate in the following season’s Second Division competition’. Secretary

d) Percy Eldridge Cup
‘In the event of the competition being played on a group basis club found guilty of playing an ineligible player or failing to fulfil a fixture shall be fined a minimum of £10 and deemed to have lost the fixture by 5-0’

10) To present the Sportsmanship Awards

11) To consider the composition of the League for the coming season

12) To consider a starting date for the season

14) To consider a venue for Council meetings

15) To consider a date for the first Council meeting.

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